The Shock

After cleaning up, Cass returned to the main party with Ulric. He had released her from her waist restraints and she was mingling with the other guests. Most appeared to be high flyers, some where high class prostitutes, both men and women. She got chatting to one of the ladies of negotiable affections. She was both educated and intelligent:- “I am hoping to finish my PhD soon. The teaching just does not cover my rent.”

“Or your shoes,” Cass quipped gently. “What’s your thesis?”

“Economics and Feminism” she said wryly. They both giggled.

Suddenly the lights in the room were dimmed. “Time for the floorshow,” she informed Cass.

“You don’t sound that interested. This is my first time here, “ Cass confessed.

“Oh honey, once you see one of these, you have seen them all. Public humiliation is just not my thing. I am slightly vanilla.”


“Everyone likes vanilla, but it is a bit bland.”

“I don’t think anyone could describe you as bland,” Cass smiled at this surprising woman.

“You are so cute,” she smiled and lent in and kissed Cass passionately on the mouth. She got up to leave, “Enjoy the Show. Maybe catch you at the next party.”

Cass settled into the sofa now occupied alone. She could not see Sabina, Ulric or Luke. There was a hush spreading around the room. Then she heard from down the hall, a whoop and shouting. As the noise came closer, a beautiful statuesque blonde strutted down the hallway in unfeasibly high heels. Behind her, she was pulling a crawling naked man on a leash, in nothing other than a full black face mask, like those worn by Mexican wrestlers. The mouth was covered and so were the eyes. Where the nostrils were supposed to be, there were two latex tubes.

The blonde woman and man were followed by another woman with a wild main of brunette hair, pert breasts bare and only in rubber pants with an enormous dildo attached to them. At the end of her athletic legs were similar shoes to the blonde leader.

“The dog will not heal, Scarlet. Do something!” ordered the magnificent blonde. Scarlet pressed her heal hard into the naked buttocks of the man.

“Mistress, your dog is enjoying it,” Scarlet barked.

Cass could see the rock hard erection between Dogs legs. “Get rid of it,” Mistress commanded distractedly.

Cass then saw the pulse gun in Scarlet’s hand. She reached down and shocked the Dog’s testicles. Dog gave a deep moan through his mask. Mistress bent down, pulling at Dog’s head up,” You are disgusting.”

Dog tried to bury his head into her crouch. Scarlet leapt forward and slapped his face away. “Move!” Scarlet bellowed.

Mistress intervened, stroking Scarlet, “No Scarlet. I am in charge here.” Mistress knelt right down and held the nostril tubes. This panicked Cass. Just when Cass thought she was going to intervene, Mistress released the tubes. The suffocation could have only been for a few seconds but the inhalation from the Dog was audible to everyone in the hushed room.

“Now be a good boy and keep heal,” Mistress stated mildly.

Dog did what he was told. A plinth the height of a small table had appeared magically in the middle of the room. Sabina had also appeared magically beside Cass on the sofa. “Having fun?” Sabina smiled. “Goodie. We have front row seats!” Cass suddenly realized she had somehow retained the best seat in the house. Others were milling around or resting against furniture to get a good view.

Dog was led onto the plinth. It was total silence. Mistress announced to the crowd,” Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I present my latest pedigree, if any of the judges want to come and examine it, please feel free.”

Sabina walked forward and ran her hand over Dog, he moved into the caress. Scarlet zapped him with the pulse gun. Dog held still.

“It is too messy for show,” Sabina indicated to the Dog’s cock. “It needs tying or something.” Scarlet produced a ribbon and tied the cock to the balls tightly, wrapping the shaft constrictively, then securing it to his stomach. Dog let out an involuntary moan.

“I think it is now time for the stud.” Mistress nodded to Scarlet. Scarlet obeyed dutifully pressing her rubber cock slowly into Dogs arse. He shuddered at every slight thrust.

A cat call from the back of the silent room shouted, “Give it to the dirty sod!” Suddenly everyone watching was jeering. Scarlet looked at for guidance from the Mistress. Mistress gave an almost imperceptible nod. Scarlet pegged Dog for dear life, thrusting her magnificent legs and arse as hard as she could into Dog’s puckered hole. He shook and moaned with the delight of this onslaught. Suddenly come started spurting out of the Dog’s ribboned appendage. He collapsed forward onto his elbows and Scarlet pulled out her rubber cock from his molested gaping hole, which quivered and pulsed for everyone to see.

Mistress lent down, ripped off Dog’s mask and shouted, “Lick it up!”

Cass sprang from the sofa. She ran out of the main room down the hall to her room. She burst through the unlocked door. Luke was in the suite’s sitting room, with a woman and man. The man was sucking Luke off, while Luke fingered the man’s wife. They all stopped what they were doing.

Cass ignored what was going on and went straight into her room, changed quickly, throwing everything she had unpacked a few hours before into her bag and headed out of the suite. Luke grabbed her wrist and pulled her back panic was in his voice, “Look I did not tell you I was bi. I am sorry.”

“For fucksake Luke let go. I knew that! What I did not know is that my new Boss was the Floorshow! I have got to get out of here before he recognizes me.” She spontaneously lent in and kissed him softly on the mouth goodbye, “Have fun. Call me tomorrow.”

Once Cass was outside she hailed a cab and reassessed her options on the way home.