The Room

Ulric located Cass in her suite, “Hiding?”

“No no, just contemplating how to do it in a fish tail,” laughed Cass.

“Come with me now,” Ulric commanded.  He placed her wrists back in their restrains and lead her down the corridor to another door.  He stopped,”What you are going to see is consensual, you know that don’t you. What you want to do is consensual too. We can stop at anytime.”

He opened the door to a dimly light room, there was a large bed, dressing table, cupboards and easy chairs.  Cass was surprised at the normality of the room.

“Sit” he said pointing to the side of the bed. She did as she was told. He moved towards her , separating her legs with his, so she was splayed.  Cass giggled nervously, to which he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and snarled,”Do you think this is funny?” Keeping her gaze insolent, she shook her head as much as his grip would let.

He started to pull her up the bed by her hair, her feet scrabbled to gain purchase. He unlocked one wrist and attached it to the bed with his tie. He slowly released his belt.  Cass was sure he was going to hit her with it.  She braced.  “No not yet my little pervert. You must wait,” he hissed. He licked one of her exposed nipples through her chain dress, then playfully sunk his teeth into it, pulling hard. Cass writhed, but she was not going to give him the satisfaction of a moan.  He had to work harder for that.

The belt was secured around her other wrist. She pulled against them to make sure that they were to her liking. Little movement but full blood flow. He kissed her forehead when he was done with his handy work and  walked to the mirror opposite the foot of the bed.  Cass could see from the mirror that she was beautifully prone for the ravishing.

He flick a switch near the mirror, and she could see into the next room.  “This is some of the things we do here,” he smiled and sat next to her on the bed.

“Do they know we are watching?” Cass asked transfixed.

“Of course. They like it. Do you?”

The object of the three mens affections was tied on all fours to a glass coffee table, her beautiful rounded buttocks were held high.  Her tongue protruded from her mouth as it was being held in place by a piece of split bamboo. If her hips dropped, the men would stop ignoring her, and smack her hard between her legs with a palm of the hand. They had a camera under the table and were projecting the sight of her from underneath the table.  Her small but perfect breasts pressed hard against the glass and the wetness of her pussy was obvious.

One man unzipped and plunged into her, pulling her dark hair back.  “We own you, we have paid you for this, but you like it this way don’t you bitch.”

Ulric laughed,” It is more like the other way around!” He then bite Cass’ other nipple savagely. Cass did moan this time, she was getting turned on. “What do you mean,” she asked.

“My darling, do you not recognise her?” Ulric was even more amused. Cass looked again, it was still not too clear, and she shook her head. “She is a shadow minister. Do you not read the papers?”

“Not at the moment,” Cass was more interested in the other room.  Another man had now removed the bamboo and was pushing his cock into her mouth. “Take it, take it all the way, good girl. Bitches like you need a big bone.” She was a beautiful concave arch between too massive cocks.

Cass wriggled against her retrains. “I think that you might be hungry too,” Ulric smiled cruelly. He produced two clips from his pocket and attached them to her nipples, she bucked. Then he went to the cupboard to retrieve his instruments. He came towards her hiding something behind his back. He revealed his device. It looked like a misshaped rubber pitchfork, with cables attached to a small box.  Two large prongs and one smaller. “This is for extremely greedy girls. It teaches them a lesson. So wet already.” He rubbed her clit and she arched. “Not yet!” he barked and stopped. He then started to push his instrument of erotic torture into her. Filling both of her holes, she wiggled closer to it, until she felt full.  “This is supposed to be punishment. You are enjoying yourself too much.  I should take this toy away.”  Cass shocked herself when she whimpered,”No. Please don’t take it away.”

He came to the top of the bed and whispered, “Well then, I will show you exactly what it does.” Suddenly an electric shock went straight through Cass, her body arched and her feet were shacking. A strange roar came from between her clamped teeth. “Beautiful, I want you to look at me. You are too insolent.  I want you to look at me with pleasure. “

“That was too much, please don’t do that again,” Cass was gradually regaining feeling. She could feel the sensation of the two enormous rubber cocks inside her, it was pins and needles, then that satisfaction of fullness.

“I could do it to your clit, if you prefer.” Ulric laughed.

“No please don’t. Caroline.”

“Look at me with pleasure and I will show you the fun which can be had with my device.” He removed the clips on her nipples, the release was exquisite. He then sucked at her breasts. Moved to her neck and then stopped.  He was lying next to her.  He now had his massive member in his hand, and said, “Let us watch a bit more.” Cass was gazing at him, her chest moving rhythmically up and down. “Beautiful, but wait and watch a bit more.”

The woman in the other room was now impales on the third man’s wrist.  “You like this ,don’t you.”  She nodded.  “You are filthy. Filthy bitches need a good clean out.”  He pulled his fist out of her and then pushed his cock deep into her rear.

She screamed,”I need to come god damn it. Please let me come!”

He pounded her beautiful arse brutally.  He commanded, “Not yet!”

“I am coming. I can’t stop,” she wailed, shuddering violently against the table.

He let himself go, arse cheeks quivering, teeth bared.  He lent forward, tenderly kissed the back of her neck, “Good girl.”  The men released their tall beautiful captive. She was laughing. The men were hugging her, kissing her, gratified at her climax.

She sauntered over to the mirror, breathed on it and wrote, “Your turn now, thank you for watching.”

“They can see me.” Cass was shocked.

“Of course. And now you must show your appreciation for the performance,” he pressed another button, all three prongs started to vibrate. She was convulsed on this toy. She was ashamed at being caught looking and ashamed of being watched. She could not get away from the toy or the people. She came noisily as Ulric shot his load over her stomach.

The woman then wrote, “Good Girl” on the mirror and finished with a kiss.