The Package

When Cass got home that evening, there was a package waiting for her.  It was a large flat rectangular box. The brown paper revealed, the top of the box was blood red and the bottom was black.  She opened it to reveal a card on top of expensive tissue paper.

The card was cream written in beautiful black copperplate handwriting, “For the party, love Luke and Sabina”

She pulled back the tissue paper to uncover a dark jade silk steel boned corset and matching silk knickers.

Cass had never worn a corset before. This one was front fastening. It pushed her breasts cheekily upwards. Her waist was constricted waspishly. She enjoyed this feeling. She liked the way it made her look in the mirror. The restriction turned her on. She looked at her breasts rising and falling with her limited breath. She could feel herself getting wet.

She lent back on her bed, propped up on her pillows so she could see herself in the mirror. She opened her legs wide and watched as this beautiful stranger in the mirror played with herself, opening herself up to show Cass how hot she was. The stranger’s fingers disappeared into herself and came out silvery, then expertly started to rub her pert little clitoris.

Cass lent back, closed her eyes and thought about being tied to the bed and a masked man pleasuring her. Tracing the line of her cleavage with his insolent fingers, whispering how she had made him do these things to her and what he was going to do to her. The constriction of the corset felt like massive hands holding her, possessing her. She thought about this man’s cock pushing into her and how tightly pressed in she was already.  The wave bubbled up, spreading like a spring across her whole body.

Cass opened her eyes to see the stranger in the mirror, flushed, hand held tightly between her thighs, arm stretched out over the pillows.

Cass’ finger tips were still tingling when she text Luke, “Thank you, see you on Saturday in Cambridge”

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