The Vote (Explicit – Not for anyone easily offended by sex or under 18)

The guests had gone. Sabina was basking in the glow of her successful party.  She remembered that she had not let Ulric off the lead. She smiled to herself musing on how much he enjoyed her cruelty.

She found her trio of smokers outside. “One last drink before bed!” she declared through the french windows.

Luke, Ulric and Cassandra traipsed into the kitchen looking sheepish.

Sabina lent into Cass, “So did you enjoy the party?”

Ulric laughed,”It was not kinky enough for her! I think we have a new member.”

Cass shot Ulric a dark look,”I had a lovely time, thank you.”

“So you would like to become a member? I was hoping that Ulric would convince you. You can take your corset off now, you look uncomfortable.”

Cass did as she was told and rapped the kimono around herself. “No, let me see the marks.” Cass had the contours of the corset pressed into her flesh, Sabina traced her finger down from Cass’ breast, across her stomach and finally stopped at her hip.  Sabina turned Cass around, pulled her knickers down slightly to reveal Cass’ slightly bruised buttocks. Sabina softly kissed the bruises, “Poor Cass, what has he done to you.”

Sabina straightened up and turned to her husband, “You like this one don’t you. Would you like this one as a present?”

“As you wish, Mistress,” Ulric said looking at the floor.

“You see Cass, I chose his presents. He only gets one per party, otherwise he gets greedy. Would you like to assist him?”

Cass looked confused. “Please do not take too long deciding, I am not a patient person,” Sabina snapped.

Cass looked at Luke for support, he just shrugged. “Okay” Cass said.

“Luke I will need you to assist as well. Please open the draw and give me the rope. Cass, I am going to tie you to the island. I am going to spread you so that you will be the perfect present for my husband. This is all consensual and is about pleasure. But sometimes, as you know, pleasure and pain go hand in glove.  If there is something you do not want, we need to know, so what is your safe word?”

Cass responded immediately,”Caroline”

Luke laughed,”That bitch of a boss you have.”

“Well she is something I don’t like, it seems appropriate.”

Cass stood still as Sabina gently and expertly bound Cass’ hands together.  Cass was surprised at the beauty of Sabina’s tying. Like a spider, she linked Cass’s forearms together, ending with her wrists together. Sabina was holding the long remain length of the wrist bindings. An eery silence had fallen over the group as Cass was lead to the kitchen island by Sabina.  Like a sacrifice, Luke bound Cass’ ankles the width of the island. Her legs were splayed wide. Without warning Sabina pulled hard on the lead, pulling Cass’ warm body across the cold marble.

Cass gasped as Sabina pulled harder and fastened the rope. Cass tried to look up. Sabina slapped her face, causing tears to well up. “It is not nice is it,” Sabina sneered cruelly as she pulled Cass’ head up again by her hair. “ I am going to teach you not to do that to Luke again, you bad girl.”

Cass could see the glint of scissors in Sabina’s hand. Cass panicked. She started to pull away,“Caroline.”

“Oh, these are not for your face or your hair, my darling,” Sabina stroked Cass’ face. “Everything tonight is within your control. Do you want me to continue?”

Pacified, Cass nodded. Sabina stroked the blades along Cass’ back.  Cass felt the cold blades inserted into her knickers and heard a snip. Stroking the small of Cass’ back Sabina moved to the other side and finished her unveiling.

Sabina handed the now useless scrap of fabric to Luke, who sniffed it greedily, “Ulric I think I would like a drink before we begin.”

They rested their glasses and icy bottle on Cass’ back. “You better not spill anything,” whispered Luke. Cass wanted to move. Her arms and legs were beginning to ache but she did as she was told.

Suddenly Sabina reached underneath Cass and pinched her nipple hard. Cass bucked and the wine spilled all over her. Cass felt the cold fizz into her crevices, stinging slightly.

“Lick up the mess Ulric,” commanded Sabina. Cass heard Ulric unzip and disrobe behind her. She felt him climb onto the kitchen island. She felt his breath on the back of her neck, then his tongue licking the side of her neck, lapping down her back. His enormous hard cock snaked backwards along her spine. She enjoyed his weight on her. His lips sucking on her buttocks, then licking and sucking between her legs. She arched as best she could for him to get better access. “Stop!” Sabina interrupted.

Ulric growled and sunk his teeth into the fleshy part of Cass’ buttock. “Put her down this instant!”  The smarting of the release of the bite aroused Cass. Sabina was inspecting Cass. “Perfect,” Sabina sighed as she traced her finger around the bite mark. “You have something to remember this night, now.”

Suddenly Sabina was knuckle deep in Cass. “Tight, this will be an experience for you, Cassandra. He has broken some women before. Do you think you can cope with my animal? Actually don’t answer that, I do not care.  Ulric open your present.”

Cass felt Ulric behind her. He lifted her hips, digging his  strong fingers hard to the bone. The ties pulled at her wrists, digging in. She felt the tip of Ulric’s cock opening her folds, she was aware at how big it was. He pushed the tip into her, enjoying the sensation of spreading her further.

Sabina snapped,”For God’s sake, get on with it! Others are waiting!”

Ulric thrust hip deep into Cass. She gasped at how deep he was into her, how her cunt was stretched. She felt impaled and she liked it.

Ulric wanted to pleasure Cass and his wife. Sabina enjoyed  the power of her cruelty. Cass enjoyed the onslaught of his cock and Sabina’s malice.

Grabbing a handful of Cass’ red curls, Ulric pulled back. He rode her, plunging as deep as his beast could go. He enjoyed her soft whimpers that it was too big, beautifully fighting against her restrains.

Cass felt like she was going to be split by him when he eventually exploded cervix deep in her. Releasing her hair, he leaned over her, pushing his still hard member into her. Her feet left the floor as he pushed her forward, dangling prettily.  He placed one kiss on the back of her neck. “You have my vote,” he murmured as he slowly withdrew from her, leaving her exquisitely open and vulnerable to the next violation.

Sabina lifted Cass’ chin, “Luke has told me, what you like my dear. He has told me how dirty you are. Look at how excited he is.”

Sabina turned Cass’ head and all she could see was this beautiful dick. It was standing to attention, thick average length but with a slight curve. Cass was suddenly embarrassed, she had never seen Luke’s dick before. “Kiss it, it will need to be moist.” Sabina commanded.

Luke groaned as Cass’ lips covered the end of his cock. He had wanted this for so long. Her tongue lapped over the head and he thought he might come then and there.

Sabina noticed that he was enjoying himself too much. “Stop it,” Sabina pulled him away. “Did I say you could come in her mouth? No, I did not. I promised you somewhere else. Come with me.”

Sabina lead him to Cass’ rear. She rubbed her finger against Cass’ tight puckered hole. Cass moaned as Sabina pushed down.  “You like that don’t you,” Sabina laughed. Cass nodded in shame, burying her head between her arms. “Fuck her, Luke. Fuck her in the way she wants it.”

Luke rubbed his cock between Cass’ wet cheeks, his cock glistened. Cass body responded by pushing back. She rubbed and rubbed her bum against him, like a bitch on heat. She was pulling back on her restraints to get closer to him. He found his purchase and pushed against the tight opening, which opened further with every gentle prod and poke until he probed her fully.

Cass moaned feeling her body’s quivering response to the penetration of her ass.  She loved it, she loved the feeling of being dirty, him slipping in and out of her, the tightness squeezing his cock, milking it. She felt the icy cold rush erupt from her rear, up her back and finally burning her cheeks. Luke spasmed, legs quivering, cock deep in Cass. He collapsed over her, gently kissed her neck, “You always had my vote.”

As they lay in their sated heap, Cass did not notice that she had been untied.  Luke eventually disengaged himself from her, still slightly wobbly. Cass slowly brought her legs back together,  guiltily enjoying the sore feeling she had between her legs. Her arms were still bound and she manoeuvred herself clumsily into a standing position. She was beautifully flushed and smiling. Her body glistened.

Cass heard a laugh and clapping, “You have my vote as well, you are in the club.” It was Sabina, who was lounging on the sofa. “I am glad you have enjoyed yourself, but you are not quite finished. You have not worshipped at my alter yet.”

Cass was taken by Luke to the sofa, where she was placed at the knee of her beautiful Dominatrix. Luke handed Sabina the restraints. The men joined Sabina on the sofa on either side, kissing, caressing, sucking whatever part of Sabina, she decided to bestow on them.

“You must eat my darling,” Sabina said as she splayed her legs. Cass obeyed this command, burying her face deep into her new Goddess’ sopping grove.

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