The Story

Luke painted his verbal picture, taking the group back to University:-

Luke and Cass were alone in the flat. They had been getting ready to go clubbing.   They had been drinking while getting ready.  Stocking up to make sure that they did not have to waste money on exorbitant club prices.  The cheap vodka was flowing.  Luke for some reason decided he wanted to go dressed as a woman.  They stumbled into Cass’ room.  Luke started to rummage through her wardrobe, pulling out dresses, holding them up  to himself and pouting into the mirror.

“I really own this look! So much better than you.” he said  with feigned camp arrogance, shimmying around in a little black dress.

Cass had  to admit he did have slimmer hips and longer legs than her, but that they needed a wax, “But I have better tits than you!” giggling, reaching down for her drink, almost falling off the bed.

“You my darling, have better tits than most!” grinned Cass’ newly feminised flatmate. “I still fondly remember when I caught you in the bath.” Taking the glass from Cass, taking a swig.

Cass threw a pillow at him,”You said you did not look!”

“Watch out, you are going to spill the finest £5.00 vodka you can find. But you are right, I need to get some boobs of my own.” He dove into her draws,” Too white, too red, too pink” bras and undies were flying around Cass’ room. “Oh aye!” he exclaimed.  He pulled out a book.  Cass blushed.

“This, Cassandra Janus, is filth! I am so proud of you!” he grinned like a satyr.  “Where did you get it? I have never seen such smut.  I did not know you were into spanking.”

“I like it, yes.” said Cass primly, hoping to god that he would not look at the other books in there.  There was filthy manga, Sade and various BDSM public humiliation parties in her collection.

“What else have we got here?” he rooted around and then with a modicum of embarrassment, pulled out his hand, “Well that thing only makes me feel a little bit inadequate.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, but if you do root around in a girls underwear draw without permission, you might get bitten by a rabbit.” smiled Cass, now enjoying his discomfort. “Come on take off that dress, you are stretching it around the shoulders.”

“Only if you admit I look better than you in it,” Luke pouts coyly.

“Yes you look beautiful”

Back in the present day, the group is laughing. Luke smiles wickedly at Cass.  He stops the story, much to her relief. Sabina whispers into Cass’ ear,”But that is not the end of the story is it.  He told me, it made quite an impression on me.”

Cass blushes as she remembers the rest of that night.  Oddly for Luke, he remained close to Cass in the club that night.  In a break of dancing he pulls her away to a quiet corner.  “I have been thinking about you all night.” he confides.

“No Luke, don’t over complicate us.  We are friends.”

“We could have benefits”

“Don’t shit where you eat sweetie.” Cass goes to move away, but he grips her wrist, pulling her back next to him. “Okay, I know this is about what you found out this evening, I will give you something to remember me by.” Cass knew she was being a tease, but sometimes was fun torturing Luke.

“Finally, I have been trying for months to get into your knickers.”

“Nope, not that. I am going to tell you a story. Sometimes the thought is more exciting than the action.” Cass slinks in closer, leaning against him, she whispered into his ear. He slides a proprietorial arm around her waist to keep her close, enjoying the soft weight of her breasts pressed against his shoulder.

Cass chose one of her favourite fantasies,” The vicar drags me into his office. He locks the door, continuously chastising me for being a harlot.  He tells me that I am no better than the Whore of Babylon and I must be punished to absolve my sins.”

Luke interrupts cheekily, “I thought you were an agnostic?”

“Right, I am not going to tell you the rest.”

“Please carry on, I will be good.”  said Luke, putting on his best little boy face.

“Okay, the vicar pulls my wrists roughly behind my back.   He is holding them tight in one hand. He is bruising them as he pushes me across his lap.  I can feel the tell tale bulge in his trousers as he lifts my skirt. He fingers my knickers gently, then rips them off my warm round pink bottom.

My knickers show that I have been enjoying myself a bit too much with the groundsman.  This enrages the vicar further. Without warning he brings his hand down hard onto my tender buttocks. I scream in pain and convulse. With every strike, I feel his cock getting harder as as it presses into my stomach. I wriggle and shout and try to release myself from his grip.  He grips even tighter,” Take your punishment Harlot!”

Only when I start crying does he stop. He leans forward placing kisses on my red smarting bottom. I feel his tongue licking the crack of my bottom. I lift my hips to oblige him and his free hand start to tickle the lips of my overheated pussy. He holds my wrist so tight, I cannot escape this tender onslaught, but I don’t really want to.

My body tingles and I moan as he starts rubbing my clitoris gently. He tells me that I have been punished for my indiscretion with the grounds man.  I thank him for his time.   But he says that he is not finished yet.  I need to be punished for what I have done to him.

He pulls me back off his lap and with his free hand releases his enormous member from the confines of his ecclesiastical trousers.  The head is purple, dewy and engorged.  I lean forward to hungrily put it into my mouth.  Before I can, he pulls me up by my ponytail and pushes me back onto his desk.  He unceremoniously manhandles my large breasts out of my shirt.  He sucks my nipples hard, taking one hard between his teeth, making me cry out again. He lets go, the release is magnificent. My cunt is dripping in anticipation.

He grabs my breasts, squeezing them brutally.  He pushes violently into my wet pussy, impaling me to the hilt.  I moan in pleasure as he engulfs me with his punishing onslaught.

I lie back on the desk as he pistons into me. I feel his thumb rubbing my anus. He pulls out of me.  He grabs my ankles, pulling my legs apart wide.  He rubs his cock against my tight little opening. He pushes a little harder, the tip slips into me.  I am confused, I am enjoying this but I feel dirty. I start to play with myself.

He calls me a whore and pushes harder, so that a good three inches are now in me. His entry begins to smart, so I dip my fingers into my soaking pussy and reach down to wetter his penis. He hisses that I am not taking my punishment seriously and pushes the final six inches into me. I gasp as I am completely full with his cock. He remains in me, allowing me to get used to the enormous size of his cock in my tight little hole.  Then he grips my ankles harder as he pistons in and out.  His cock gets bigger and bigger in my tiny arse hole. I am getting closer and closer to coming, I squeeze my tittes and flick my clit as he “punishes” me. A wave if ecstasy engulfs me and I quiver and moan as he spends himself deeply in my behind.”

Cass had finished her story, she looked urgently at Luke for approval.  Luke was looking glassily into the middle distance. He was slightly flushed.  It took him at least thirty seconds to say something.  “You dirty dirty bitch,” he laughed. “I have a vicar’s costume at home by the way.”

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