The Invitation

“Wake up Alice, you’ll miss the White Rabbit.” says a hushed whisper.   Cass opens her eyes. She sees that Sabina is the whisperer. “You look like you were asleep.”

“I’m sorry. Just got a little spaced.” Cass realised that her head was in Sabina’s lap.

“No, stay there, you looked so pretty and at peace.” Sabina stroked Cass’ dark red hair lovingly, letting the curls drop off her fingers one at a time. “Will you come to my party?”

“Yeah sure” agreed Cass now looking up at Sabina. Sabina’s  violet eyes seemed to be hypnotic to Cass. “But not tonight, I  want to go home. I can see why Luke thinks your great.”

“No, it is next month in Cambridge and I can see why Luke is very fond of you too.  There is a person I want you to meet, he is called Ulric.  I think you will find him stimulating.”

“Fine, get Luke to text me the details.  I have had enough, night everyone.”

“I will make sure that you get home okay.” Mark jumps up gallantly.

“Sure, sure. Come on, I just want to get home,” Cass thought you could tell he was from the sticks, but he was sweet and could be interesting to take the edge of the come down.

Cass kissed Sam and Jens on the forehead, both of them still on their little love island.  Sabina was again preying on Chris.  Luke came and gave Cass a hug goodbye, turning to Mark sternly saying, “Make sure she gets home okay. She is a very rare and precious creature.” Turning to Cass, Luke slaps her on the bum playfully, “Be good and text me when you get in.”

In the taxi back, Cass rests her head on Mark’s broad shoulder.  “Poor Daniel,” she murmurs sleepily. “Sam’ll never really love him.”

“I won’t tell, if you don’t.” smiles Mark, lifting her chin and kissing her again. “Anyway he should be wise enough to realise that it is more to do with security than love.”

“Well he is definitely old enough to know better.” Cass and Mark laughed.

Cass would have loved to have had her first sexual experience since Jason to have been mind-blowing.  She wanted to prove to herself that she was on the way to recovery, that she could feel and be normal.

They cuddled and kissed sweetly in her bed, progressing to wandering hands and finally the mount. She forced herself  for the first time to forget about Jason.Living in the moment, straddling Mark, she sank down slowly onto him. She got used to the feeling of the fullness again.  He pulled her forward, sucking hungrily at her breasts as she got into her rhythm. Sitting back, hands on his strong chest, she moved her hips up and down, feeling his shaft penetrate deeply, and grinding down to feel the fiction against her clit.

Mark grabbed her waist in his strong hands, pressing his fingers hard into her hips, keeping her impaled on his throbbing cock, pushing it up to the hilt into her.   Mark came noisily, reaching up and kissing her passionately. Cass was just beginning to enjoying herself and it was over.

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