The Hotel

Luke picked Cass up at 8.30pm on Saturday.  This time he carried her bag to the same car he borrowed from Sabina.

She was wearing jeans and a tight black t shirt. She could tell from Luke’s look that he thought she was underdressed in all the wrong ways.

“I am going to get changed when we get there,” Cass assured him. “You don’t think I could wear that dress right there? This way we look like we are just checking in as a couple, not  as sex party attendees.”

“The hotel knows what is going on anyway, so there is no worry there,” he said sulkily.  Luke was a bit OCD about appearance. To him, you had to look like you fit in. Why she could not have put on something smarter he did not know? A dress rather than Hoxton tomboy. He was sure, they would be lucky to get through the door. Cass drove him insane at times with her casual look. He looked perfectly preppy chic.

The Receptionist thought that Cass was a model with her dressed down couture. He was certain that she was roughing it with a dull uptight banker rather than an oligarch.

They were met by Sabina as they left the lift.  She explained that the entire floor was reserved for the party. Sabina escorted them to their room and left them at the door.

Cass struggled with the key card and eventually tumbled inelegantly into the most elegant room she had ever been in.  Room was the wrong word, it was a suite.  There was a small living room and two  rooms adjoining. She looked out of the window enjoying one of the most expensive views in London.

“I’m taking the master bedroom,” Luke barged past her. She did not care, she was amazed by the opulence, and the smaller room turned out to be as big as her flat, with a better bathroom.

Once changed they were summed by Ulric to the main suite.  This was a two storey affair.  There was a bar with the obligatory ornamental Grand Piano, which no one could play; a covered balcony, with gym and an infinity pool, because rich people don’t want any common verrucas, only three billion dollar ones will do.

This party was much larger than the previous ones.  Cass and Luke were handed flutes of champagne by beautiful semi naked waiters, painted from head to foot in silver and gold.  Ulric  and Sabina greeted them. “You are not properly dressed Mein Liebling”, Ulric whispered confusingly to Cass. She looked at him quizzically.  He took her empty hand and placed it next to the silver belt around her waist and fastened the first wrist cuff.

“Give me your glass,” Ulric commanded.  Cass did as she was told. He then placed this newly freed hand in the other cuff.  She was now placed in a position of having her wrists attached to her belt.  Her arms were bowed and Ulric linked his arm through this bow. “You are mine now,” he smirked wickedly at her.

“Can I have a sip of my champagne, I do not think I am quite prepared for this,” smiled Cass as she realised that Sabina was putting a collar around Luke’s neck with a lead. Luke had dressed for the occasion in his barristers robes, mask and tight black, to be assumed pleather, boxer shorts. Before the party, Cass had tried to avert her eyes as he had unnecessarily oiled his six pack meticulously in their suites living room. “You look so pretty,” Cass teased. “I know,” was his response.

Ulric lent to retrieve the glass. “You are my guests, you can have anything you want,” smiled Ulric. “So long as you behave.” He proffered her the glass, looking at her intently. When she had finished her sip, he caressed her breast cheekily through the  chains.  “I am a kind master.”

Luke was lead off by Sabina on a tight leash. She was ignoring him purposefully as she mingled with her guests.  Cass watched in awe as Sabina, while talking to a beautiful brunette turned to Luke and whispered something and suddenly he was being intimately inspected by the stranger.  Cass did not understand why she suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy.

Ulric noticed the change in her demeanour.  “Do not get too over attached at these soirees, Schatzchen. It is for pleasure not for relationships.”

Cass was surprised by her response, “Easier said than done.”

“If you do not think that you can take the rules of the Club, it might be better that you leave before it becomes more complicated for you,” Ulric said with genuine concern.

“No not at all. I was just being silly. Please Master have your wicked way with me,” Cass flirted playfully.

He kissed her neck and whispered “I am very wicked with my new slaves indeed. But first I want to show you off because you may want a different Master or Mistress for this evening.” He linked his arm again through her restricted arms and escorted her around the main room.  It was slightly more civilised, or Cass was not so shocked as the first time.  There were people flirting and socialising. People seemed to be going off to their suites and returning after the deed was done.  The one unusual thing that she did see was a plump faded blonde in the swimming pool adorned in a prosthetic fishes tail being serviced by two much younger men dressed like Jack Sparrow. “I think I need to go for a cigarette,” Cass confessed to Ulric.  “Off you go my little slave,” he said merrily as he unbuckled her wrists. “I will come and find you shortly. It is getting time for you to learn your duties.”