The Party (Explicit – do not read if you are easily offended and not over the age of 18)

Cass inspected herself in the mirror.  She had matched the corset and panties with a silk kimono, stockings and heels.  She thought she would pass. She was concerned about the tops of her thighs, and the slight wobble.  The kimono hid it slightly.

She finished her glass of wine and headed out into the hall way.  Sabina was coming out of an adjacent room.  She was wearing a figure hugging dress and looked every part the hostess of a drinks party.

“You look wonderful!” Sabina declared.

“You asked me to wear this.” Cass was no longer so sure of herself.

“And English people consider Germans too literal!” smiled Sabina. “But I think you have had a great idea, yes I am going to change  quickly.”

What Sabina meant, was that she was going to take her dress off right then and there and throw it back into her room. Sabina looked amazing, toned and tanned, her straight shoulder length hair almost blue black. She was wearing red lace peekaboo bra and lace ribbon tied panties. “A hostess should  always take the lead in proceedings!” declared Sabina triumphantly.

They made their way downstairs to the living room, with enormous rolled arm sofas.  There was a fire in the hearth.  The men were already there, wearing clothes.  Cass wanted to feel confident but she felt exposed and embarrassed.

“You both look beautiful,” Ulric said gallantly.  Luke just looked predatorily at the women from the sofa.

Sabina sat down next to Luke and explained the rules of the evening to Cass.  “We have no mobiles at these party, I hope you understand. I am expecting another ten people.  They are all couples who enjoy our company and I am sure you will enjoy theirs,” she said without irony. “Condoms must be used throughout. Even though most of the activity will be restricted to this floor, I suggest that you lock your bedroom for the party, as you will want to sleep in fresh sheets. This is an intimate party and nothing should go wrong, nonetheless if you feel uncomfortable, please come to me or Ulric and we will sort the matter discretely. Right I think that is everything, have the caterers been Schatzi?”

“Yes Liebling, it is all set up in the dinning room and drinks are set up in the kitchen. I will go and get us some now, before the guests arrive.”

Cass suddenly had a wave of panic. Is that all? It is that simple? Just turn up and fuck whoever.  What if no one wanted to do it with her? How embarrassing! What if she did not want to do anyone? Is that just as embarrassing?

Luke must have had a rare moment of empathy. “You will be just fine. Relax and you do not have to do anything you don’t want to. You really do look sexy.”

“Thank you,” Cass smiled nervously. “I guess you might get some as well tonight.”

“Cassandra, this is too much too soon! Give a guy some space,” Luke laughed.

They went to the kitchen, Ulric and Sabina were having a tender moment. Ulric had his arm around Sabina’s waist and was whispering into her ear. Sabina giggled and stroked his broad chin.  It  made Cass feel uncomfortably turned on.

The door knocker sounded and people started to arrive.  Cass was slightly confused at the middle classed mix of a cocktail party and pornography.

She was talking to a very nice couple when she turned to see a man performing cunnilingus on a half clothed woman in the middle of the room. Suddenly the nice couple she was talking to had hands up skirts and in open flies.

She suddenly was embarrassed. The people she was talking to did not care that she had made a swift exit. She mounted the stairs and went to find her stash of cigarettes.

She opened the french doors in the kitchen, grabbed a drink, went outside and lit up inhaling deeply.

From a table in the dark, she had not noticed before an amused deep German voice said, “ I thought I would see you out here sooner or later.”

After the initial jump of being caught smoking, Cass smiled and joined Ulric by the table.  Ulric looked at her and said curtly, “You will freeze. Wait here.” He returned shortly with a coat for her.

The coat was fur and Cass protested.  She thought as a matter of principal that people should not wear fur.  She quite happily forgot daily that cigarettes are tested on dogs, but she had to take a moral stand somewhere.

“No, I command it,” Ulric said quietly but very firmly and then laughed, “You must learn that there is sometimes pleasure in discomfort. Come, I have a better warmer place we can smoke and talk.  You look slightly shell shocked by the party.”

“I am not shell shocked, just scared and embarrassed. I don’t know how to behave. I have never been to a place like this before.  The party is so normal and then suddenly some stranger has his cock out and another stranger is munching on it,” Cass blurted out.

Ulric laughed,”You find it overwhelming because of its domesticity. You would not be afraid if it was more kinky?”

“To be honest I think I would prefer it. It would be more real, because I could understand the set up. Here, I don’t know whether to hand out humous or bend over for a quickie over the arm of the sofa.”

Ulric snorted with laughter, “You could do both at the same time. Come, I will show you to my study, you look like you need a chat.”

Ulric lead her down a path in the dark garden and at the end of it was a free standing structure that looked like a space pod.  He turned on the light and it was decorated in a bohemian/modernist style with lots of steel, black leather boxy furniture mixed with a library of books and turkish carpets. One side of the pod was completely glazed and looked out onto the garden back to the house.

Cass could see the party back in the house, if she lent against the window. She could make out Luke from the living room windows was now in a state of undress and was clearly enjoying himself. She could make out a woman’s head bobbing gently near his crotch.

Cass turned back into the room and Ulric ushered her to a seat. He handed her a drink and looked at her for a long time. “Why are you here?” he asked.

“Because you invited me.”

“Try not to be too clever for one moment Cassandra.” the firm quiet tone returned to his voice.

“I am here because I am curious.  I want to feel again.”

“Yes, Luke told me about your fiancé. Do you think this will help?” he said with concern.

“I really do not know but I have to try something.  Life without Jason is so grey. All I do now is go to work but I don’t want to live for work, while everyone else is living. I don’t want to be pointless. Jason would not want me to feel pointless.”

“That is a healthy way of looking at it, I suppose,” Ulric sat back in his chair.

Cass looked around at the walls of the study, she saw the certificates on the wall and the books. She turned to him, “So Freud, am I paying for this session?”

“Yes, I used to be a psychiatrist and so was Sabina,” he looked slightly embarrassed at being caught out.

“Used to be?” Cass asked.

“Yes, I no longer practice. I have found that sex is more profitable. Also I am helping people more now  than writing prescriptions. Sabina and I run a private members’ club. Didn’t Luke tell you?”

“No, he omitted to tell me,” she was slightly annoyed that she had not done her research. “I can’t afford to join a private members’ club.”

“Well, in some cases, I forgo the fee, especially if I think it is a worthy cause, the subject is beautiful and is willing to learn. How do you think Luke affords it? It is £2000 per month membership. Are you willing to learn?” Uric was now looking at her intently.

She looked at him straight in the eye but was still surprised to hear herself say,”Yes.”

“Let me inspect you. Take off that coat and the robe. Stand in the middle of the room.”

She did as she was bidden. “Stand up straighter,” he commanded. “Shoulders back.”

He approached her from behind and she felt his breath on her naked shoulder, she shivered, “Beautiful.”

His fingers traced her collar bone and he came around to her front, moving his hand to her neck. She lifted her head for him to kiss her. “Did I say you could look at me?” he asked shortly.

“No” Cass said insolently. She was being to enjoy the game.

“No, Sir”

“No, Sir,” she smiled.

“Do not smile at me. I do not expect you to enjoy this. You are beautiful but shameless!” he barked. “Look at you, you look like a Schlampe.”

His hands had moved down to her body to her tiny waist, which was extenuated by the corset. He whispered in her ear,“You think your perfect hour glass will make me soften to you.” Then he snarled, “Whore. To the window. Lean on it. Hands and legs wide apart.”

Cass did as she was told, feeling herself becoming more aroused.

She heard him move to the table, pick something up and return. Then she felt something flat and wooden tapping gently her between her legs.  Ulric was tapping her crotch with a ruler. He had found just the place to tap, she jerked slightly.

“You like that don’t you, say Yes Sir.”

“Yes Sir”

“I do not really want to touch you, so this ruler is going to give you your instruction. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” she whimpered slightly as the tapping became stronger.

“You are enjoying this a little too much.” he removed the ruler from between her legs and cracked it on her buttocks. It was not a hard smack, it was to warm Cass up, but she yelped slightly in surprise.

“Don’t whinge!” and Ulric started spanking her more vigourously. Cass writhed and moaned, becoming hotter and more turned on at every painful smack.  Then as suddenly as it started, Ulric stopped.  He kissed the back of Cass’ neck, “Well done.”

Cass wriggled towards him, wanting him, but he pushed her away, and the stern tone returned. “Now you are ready, go hunt, Cassandra.”

Cass was confused as he lead her back to the house, she was burning to have someone, she wanted him but he was denying her.  She was angry that he was denying her, why was he doing this! She could see that he wanted to fuck her.

The anger in her welled up when she returned to the living room.  Someone on the floor grabbed her ankle as she stormed into the room.  She looked down and Luke was lying on the floor being ridden by the lady, she had previously been talking to.

She was so furious that she went to shake off his hand. He was strong and pulled her down until she was crouched over him. He pulled her forward holding her hips, pulling her  soaking pussy onto his face.  She felt him nose his way around her knickers. His tongue found her clit and tickled it expertly and lightly, then he went in nose deep into her cunt, licking furiously. Her back arched as she ground down, an animal roar erupting from her.

She rolled off Luke. He smirked at her, “You have got to love me now.”

To Cass’ astonishment, the anger was still there. It did not dissipate until her hand cracked hard against Luke’s cheek. He held her hand next to his cheek, like she was caressing him and came triumphantly.

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