The Confession

The smoking musketeers returned into the arches.  Luke lead them to the bar. In the far corner, Cass could see Sabina draped around Chris, who was looking slightly terrified. Sabina lent in placing a carnivorous kiss on Chris’ mouth.  Poor Chris scuttled away from her like a wounded animal back to the protection of his older sister and Jens.

Cass pulled childishly at Luke’s sleeve. “Did you see that?”

“I did indeed. Come on, let us rejoin Claudio and Hero” Luke said with irritating nonchalance.

“What are you talking about?” Cass hated it when he was trying to be clever.

“Lets go and sit back with the group,” Luke qualified, taking Cass’ hand arrogantly from Marks and leading her past Sabina. “Are you having fun Schaetzchen?”

“I always do mein Lieb.” smiled Sabina, girlishly kissing Luke on the cheek as she hopped down from the bar stool. Sabina took hold of Mark’s arm as they returned to the others.

Chris looked even more terrified as Luke sat down next to him.  “Look, mate.  I was.  You know. I was not hitting on her. Really.  I am not saying she is a…”

“I know exactly what she is, that is why I like her. I hope that you had some enjoyment out of the ordeal,” interrupted Luke stretching a brotherly arm around Chris’ shoulders.

“Swinging…really?” exasperated Cass irritably, as Sabina slid up next to her in the booth.

Luke laughed,” Cassandra Janus, I have managed to shock you, the one woman I know with an even filthier porn collection than me!”

Cass blushed.  He was going to tell the story.

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