Jens and Sam

Jens towered over Sam as they bounced up and down next to each other in their own little self contained high bubbles.  Sam lost her balance on her ridiculous heels.  Jens caught her around the waist, pressing her to him.  His usual shyness was gone. He lent down protectively to steady her. Sam looked up, reaching up  touched his face and kissed him.   Sam had never done this before. It felt right, natural to be like this with Jens.

Jens realised that this was his chance to finally get Sam to take him seriously.  “Your ankles hurt,” he stated matter of factly.  He hoped he sounded heroic. He scooped her tiny frame up and carried her off to a booth.  Sam’s ankle was not hurt but she did not protest. She enjoyed being pressed to his strong chest, feeling the sinew of his arms cradle her.

He sat her down on his lap. She wriggled in feigned distress to get away from him. Then she remembered Daniel.  “I have to find Cass.” she lied.

“No you don’t, please stay. She is with Luke. I never see you on your own anymore,” he looked so sad Sam thought her heart would break. “You are always bringing Daniel along.”

“Don’t be jealous, I love you.” Sam was shocked at how much emphasis she had put on the “you”. Sam did not know why she said it. She knew she meant it. She was in love with Jens. It engulfed her, like a tsunami.

Jens gazing down, stroked her face and kissed the top of her forehead in response. He could not say it back. She was high.  She did not mean it.  He loved her too much.  But for tonight, they could be in love.  They held each other tight like children. Stroking each others face and gazing lovingly into one another eyes, as if they were totally alone.

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