The Retreat

Mark was up and out by three o’clock.  He did not want to hang around, he was pretty sure that Cass had a boyfriend.

He called Chris,” I am at Cass’, I don’t know where I am.”

“Ask her to take you to Sam’s.”

“Slightly awkward. Kind of don’t want to overstay my welcome.”

“For fuck sake Mark, what about Laura? Just get to Old Street and I will meet you in Paddington. I want to get back by 7pm” Chris hung up.

What about beautiful, PhD Laura? Mark knew he was punching well above his weight. She would leave him eventually anyway, with or without the cheating.  He knew that and that is why he did it.  He needed to regain a sense of  control and masculinity in their relationship, and this is how he did it, every chance he could.  He might not be good at money or security but he was damn good at fucking, or so he thought. He descended the escalator and disappeared forever down the Northern Line.

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